I love reaching as many artists as I can with this work. It is so powerful for your craft and the ‘you’ out there in the world. I want to introduce you to the magic that has changed the way I sing, act and communicate.

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Vocal/Singing Lessons

Singing – ‘It’s a moving meditation’

  • Access your true authentic voice and the vocal range you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Break down the technical overload.
  • Let go of the tension in your body that is holding your voice back.
  • Quiet the inner critic and get lost in the moment.
  • Tap into your creative power anywhere, any time not just for your work as an actor/singer, but for your life.
After years of different vocal lessons. I knew the potential my voice had but was frustrated without the right path to get there. After my first lesson with MaryAnne that wall was broken down.

I feel in 9 months I’ve learnt more about my voice and my true creative self than I have in the last 9 years. I cannot recommend this beautiful soul highly enough. These teachings and techniques are proof anyone can sing and this is the woman for you.

Adam George


The beautiful MaryAnne is one incredible coach- having picked up lessons to improve my vocal abilities, I honestly did not expect such exceptional results. With MaryAnne’s own skills and knowledge, she can detect exactly how to improve each individual’s technique. She got me audition ready for drama school intake and I’m thrilled to now be studying at one of the top performing arts colleges in the country. She is remarkably talented, cheerful, fun loving and downright amazing. Yet, MaryAnne’s best quality lies in her ability to connect with each and every one of her students. Not only have I been lucky enough to find such a wonderful vocal coach, but I have found a friend who is completely invested in my aspirations and will do everything in her power to help me achieve them.
Sahra Floratos


Now is your opportunity…

Acting Lessons

  • Being a NIDA Graduate and working in the industry, I’ve learnt from the best. I am so passionate about sharing my knowledge, empowering both the actor and the individual.
  • You cannot explore acting without finding out more about yourself in the process. It’s up to you how deep you go, but what you will discover definitely has a ripple effect to other areas of your life.

What you will learn:

  • In our sessions we will explore a variety of techniques from Method to Meisner, guiding you to find your own truth, and developing the combination that works best for you.
  • We will explore a wide selection of material and make sure you are ‘audition ready’ for any upcoming castings, auditions and drama school intakes.

To be a really good actor, in your heart and soul, you have to want to be alive. You have to want to be able to discover how to create real life inside yourself and live at a very intense level. Acting is a creative art and the very best actors are teachers, teachers about our own humanity. It is a very noble undertaking.” – William Esper, Acting Teacher.

The most beautiful qualities of MaryAnne and there are many, are her passion, warmth, and uncompromising devotion to you – the artist, and her light. MaryAnne facilitates a space of warmth, safety, love and creativity, where she guides you to find your truth – accessing that feeling place, which is crucial for any performer. I have grown considerably as a person, and subsequently as an artist through her sessions.

I’ve learnt to break down self imposed barriers to have some of the most sacred and life changing experiences to date. MaryAnne is real, open and honest and quite simply put- one of the best teachers in the business. If you want to go to the next level, MaryAnne McCormack is it.

Tim Barsby


Now is your opportunity…

Dialect Lessons

  • I have always had a passion and natural skill for learning accents.The musician in me loves the intricacies of studying them, as well as taking on an accent right to the core of the character.
  • Accents can’t be lifeless and technical. You need to embody them. And that’s exactly what we do in our sessions.
  • I teach phonetically and non-phonetically and specialize in General American & RP – the two accents every actor must have in their tool-kit.
MaryAnne took me from a complete accent novice to being able to perform with gusto as Joe Pitt in Angels in America. Her detailed method enables you to get into the attitude of the accent, as well as the physical changes required, rather than simply mimic a response. It allows you to gain an authentic voice – your voice – in the clothes of another accent – becoming a most valuable tool that can be taken up and set down, like the perfect garment for a role that you wear in during rehearsals, that becomes as much a part of you as the text itself.
Mark Crees

Actor/Arts Festival Director

Now is your opportunity…

About Your Coach

MaryAnne is your vocal and acting coach, mentor, friend and cheerleader. She is an Actor/Vocalist/Musician, and lead vocalist of soul/pop outfit, The Mac Project.

“After being accepted straight from high school into one of the country’s top Acting Schools, NIDA (National Institute of Dramatic Art), I worked successfully for a number of years as an Actor in Television, Theatre, Music Theatre (multiple Helpmann & Greenroom Award Nominee). Having achieved many of my personal dreams and goals at a relatively young age I came to realise that I had a special talent for facilitation, for being a vehicle for connection, creativity and growth in both myself and others.”

Connect with the coach

MaryAnne is not only the most inspiring and supportive teacher I have ever had but pretty much one of the best people I have ever had the opportunity to meet. In under a year of working with MaryAnne I found myself in a band, performing spoken word and singing at a festival something I never thought possible as before seeing MaryAnne I couldn’t even get one note out.

She has taught me the power of self belief and how no matter who you are or where you come from your voice is beautiful because its who you are. This woman has changed my life and my voice more then I could imagine, she has given my childhood dream back to me and filled my life with sunshine. SHE’S THE BEST!

Becky May Salamons


Words cannot describe just how much MaryAnne has enriched my life! Vocally, she has guided me towards becoming a confident actor and singer who finds joy and freedom through music. With her help, I have developed a love for the process of learning creatively and I use her strategies and techniques in many other areas of my life.

She nursed me through auditions for drama school where I was accepted into the Acting stream and now in 3rd year she continues to be an amazing source of inspiration throughout my schooling. She helps me navigate life as a creative spirit and embrace the quirks. I am honoured to call her a mentor and can attribute so much of my success and ongoing progress to her guidance.

Annabelle Tudor